Anal enjoy sex who woman

Originally, I speculated that this effect was reciprocal: A female Slate commenter proposes a way to test the hypothesis: I like being in control, and fucking a woman in the ass is basically as submissive as you can have her. Is it as good as an apple? To that extent, anal sex doesn't create orgasmic women. Aesthetically I Love every aspect of a good-looking women, and I want as much of that woman as I can get. The more I love and trust someone, the more likely I am to have an orgasm while with him—and the more likely I am to be okay with pushing society's "norms" with him.

Anal enjoy sex who woman

Some readers think my analysis was too transactional—women aren't doing it just to please men—but they agree that the orgasm precedes the act. Like Slate on Facebook. In somewhat of a dominating way. Women who got what they wanted were more likely to indulge their partners' wishes. Every day the lunch lady gives you an apple and an orange, and then tells you not to eat the orange. I think another thing is a certain level of trust that must be present, and that she trusts me to not just drive it home at the starting gun. Maybe that's because nature makes it easier to have vaginal sex even when the man is hasty and self-absorbed. I'm excluding the vicarious pleasure theory which doesn't explain why anal sex outscores vaginal sex and fellatio at delivering female orgasms and the virginity preservation theory which, given the ulterior motive, would predict a lower, not higher, orgasm rate. Her willingness to do that for you is a big turn-on. Adventurousness causes orgasms and anal sex. Several commenters at Slate and other venues report that in their experience, women got orgasms only with a bit of simultaneous Christine O'Donnell. Apples are fucking amazing, you love eating them every day. The entrance of the anus anal ring , just like the entrance of the vagina, is surrounded by lots of nerve endings, which can give her variety of pleasures. Orgasms cause relaxation, which facilitates anal sex. The self-assurance theory uses the ick factor to explain this. Advertisement I should start with a confession: The same could be said of orgasms: If you haven't had an orgasm, you're less likely to be relaxed, so you can't do anal sex. Anal is more about shaft stimulation than head stimulation so if makes for me at least and entirely different orgasm. If you're not causing anyone harm, and you and your partner are happy and satisfied, then all should be well. When you have good collaboration, you will notice her body opening up naturally where the tension turns into exquisite pleasure. From my own experiences I believe when a person is in an aroused state, what may ordinarily appear repulsive can become pleasurable during such a state. Orgasms increase women's willingness to try anal sex. Dick goes into her body, but I still get a perfect view of that vagina. Self-assurance causes orgasms and anal sex. It implies that the sample of women who report regular anal sex is heavily biased toward intimate relationships.

Anal enjoy sex who woman

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