Counseling same sex attraction

Sutton cofounded a Courage Apostolate group in and helped lead the group through In this light, it is unfortunate that the UK Association of Christian Counsellors has the following ethical guideline for membership: I like who I am as a man. It works for me. Psychologists strive to benefit those with whom they work and take care to do no harm.

Counseling same sex attraction

These change efforts were a lifeline to me that gave me hope, meaning, purpose, and helped me to live the life I want to live. It has truly saved my life and brought me hope and support and healing that I never found when I was embracing a gay identity. I am at peace with myself. I am now a happy person!!! An Important Disclaimer Now admittedly, this was not a broad-based survey with a representative sample of everyone who has ever seen a therapist or counselor to try to address dissatisfaction with same-sex attractions. I know I can have and live the life that I choose. In our own experience, this almost never happens — and if it does, of course it is unethical, immoral and should perhaps even be illegal. Organizations like the American Psychological Association, the World Medical Association, and—most recently—the Association of Christian Counsellors in the UK, in effect, deceive the public when they—not inaccurately—warn that there is a potential for harm, but then do not qualify this warning by clarifying that 1 all mental-health services for all personal and interpersonal concerns have a potential for harm and 2 responsible science has not yet shown whether the degree of risk for harm from professional care for unwanted SSA is greater, the same as, or less than the risk for any other psychotherapy. The same is true of SSA. A total of people in 19 countries who had sought out counseling for incongruous same-sex attractions responded to our survey. Avoiding and minimizing harm non-maleficence, non-malfeasance and doing good for those one serves beneficence are the foundational principles of ethical care by all mental- and medical-healthcare professionals. He has also helped me develop tools and mechanisms to transform my sexual energy into a creative energy. Biographical Note Philip M. In fact, my experience has been just the opposite. Reasonable clinicians and mental-health association representatives should agree that anecdotal accounts of harm constitute no basis upon which to prohibit a form of psychological care. I owe my life to my therapists and to organizations like Brothers on a Road Less Traveled. Otherwise-satisfied customers would be refused the chance to continue—and willing, new customers to start—receiving these products for services based on complaints—but no clear evidence—of harmful side effects. I am neither now. As a layman, Dr. Now I would say that the benefits to my emotional health are even more important than the benefits of reduced same-sex attraction. For example, Practice Guideline 5 advises: Life is too wonderful! It was only after I decided to shed the label of being gay that I found freedom. My therapist has helped me work on forgiving myself for the things I felt were against my moral standards. I cannot imagine how any aspect of sexual orientation change efforts could be harmful. I was so severely depressed and suicidal before pursing reparative therapy for my unwanted SSA. There has been a lot of controversy about the potential harmfulness of professional care for unwanted same-sex attraction and behavior SSA or homosexuality.

Counseling same sex attraction

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Can you Overcome Same Sex Attraction?

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