Factors affecting drug metabolism sex

Conversely, an increased rate of metabolism decreases the intensity and duration of action as well as the drug's efficacy. For example, cats lack glu-curonyltransferase enzymes and, therefore, tend to conjugate phenolic xenobiotics by sulfation instead. The frequently cited example of the biotransformation of the antituberculosis agent isoniazid is discussed previously under acylation. Enzyme induction often increases the rate of drug metabolism and decreases the duration of drug action. Sex Differences The rate of metabolism of xenobiotics also varies according to gender in some animal species.

Factors affecting drug metabolism sex

Genetic factors also appear to influence the rate of oxidation of drugs such as phenytoin, phenylbutazone, dicumarol, and nortriptyline. Indeed, pre-menopausal women can clear several substrates theophylline, prednisolone and anticonvulsants more quickly than men. In animals the pattern of release of the hormone is crucial to the effects on the CYPs; in females, GH is secreted in small but more or less continuous pulses, while males secrete large pulses, then periods of no secretion. These differences apparently are caused by genetic variations in the amount of metabolizing enzyme present among the different strains. Adult male rats metabolize several foreign compounds at a much faster rate than female rats e. For women, the focus is on drugs used for contraception. However, nonprimates, such as rabbit and rat, excrete phenylacetic acid only as the glycine conjugate. This effect was most pronounced at the time of ovulation and the luteal phase of menstruation. There are other marked differences which are not fully explained: Women are much more likely to develop torsades des points, or dangerous lengthening of the QT interval. For example, if the rate of metabolism of a drug is decreased, this generally increases the intensity and duration of the drug action. Your body uses glucose for fuel. As discussed previously, infants possess poor glucuronidating ability because of a deficiency in glucuronyltransferase activity. Differences in microsomal oxidation are under the control of sex hormones, particularly androgens; the anabolic action of androgens seems to increase metabolism. In humans, this was less well investigated; however, a number of differences have been found, although it is not often taken into account clinically. It is also apparent that females in general are more susceptible to drug adverse reactions than males, especially hepatotoxic effects. Anticonvulsant metabolism can be accelerated in pregnancy also. It now is realized that their CYP2D6 isozyme does not readily O-demethylate codeine to form morphine. For instance, nicotine and aspirin seem to be metabolized differently in women and men. It is even harder to find animal models that mimic human drug metabolism. The relative amount of any particular metabolite is determined by the concentration and activity of the enzyme s responsible for the biotransformation. Often, these differences are caused by the presence or absence of transferase enzymes involved in the conjugative process. For example, the oxidative CYP metabolism of tolbutamide appears to be markedly lower in newborns. In Depth Tutorials and Information Gender effects Factors Affecting Drug Metabolism Human Drug Metabolism For many years, there was a very large scientific literature on the sex differences between rats and other animals in their clearance of drugs. A new drug application requires the developer to account for the product as it moves from the site of administration to final elimination from the body.

Factors affecting drug metabolism sex

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