Films sex slaves inspected and disciplined

For this reason, although traditionally a girl was doctored when small, these days, to meet a growing demand, local surgeons had specialised in carrying it out on grown women as well. It was the first time that he had encountered well bred young Englishwomen in large numbers. Yes, the pleasure, both of the chase and of later enjoying the ensnared young Englishwoman, back in his harem, would make it all well worthwhile! Thus, locally, it was considered that this "partial doctoring", as it was euphemistically termed, played an import role in keeping women subservient. This major 2-volume set is the first to treat in an inclusive reference what is usually considered a societal failing and the underside of sexuality and economic survival.

Films sex slaves inspected and disciplined

Indeed, he came from a tradition in which successful tribal leaders revelled in raiding their neighbours and carrying off, and enslaving, their women, especially the wives and daughters of the defeated tribal leaders. However, of course, he had learned that women coming from the privileged background that he wanted, would never enter his service entirely voluntarily - and, that even if they unsuspectingly did so, then they would have influential families and connections who would demand their release. On the contrary, it would be far more amusing to let the centuries old harem system wend its web around her. Well, he remembered his grandfather saying that a man could jog along with a dozen beautiful and well trained concubines - provided they were under the supervision of an effective black eunuch. But, he kept telling himself, he was a very rich man. The risk of a huge scandal in the world press would be too great. They were clearly nervous about becoming involved with a nouveau riche, and perhaps really rather uncivilised Arab, from a backward, if immensely rich, country where women were treated as little more than chattels, to be hidden away from the sight of men. Furthermore, to avoid any scandal, he must, outwardly, have nothing whatsoever to do with her disappearance, nor have previously been seen in public with her. He had a charming manner and was obviously highly intelligent. For this reason, although traditionally a girl was doctored when small, these days, to meet a growing demand, local surgeons had specialised in carrying it out on grown women as well. It not, however, reduce the ability of the girl to give her Master pleasure, but it did mean that she herself could now only receive it when she was actually penetrated by her Master - something for which she now became more desperate than ever and thus more submissive and pliant. He was fascinated by the fair skinned, tall, self-assured, and intelligent young women he met: They would have felt honoured, and would have welcomed him offering to take her into his harem. The wealth of the ruling family came from the oil revenues from an island some 50 miles off the coast which the two branches owned personally. It was an attraction that was further increased by his voice, for having been partly educated in England as a young boy, he spoke good English with a deep resonant voice with only a slight Arab accent. User-friendly lists that are alphabetically and topically arranged help the reader find entries of interest, as does the comprehensive index. Yes, he reflected, the whole basis of the harem system was that once a woman found herself locked up in the artificial atmosphere of a harem, denied any contact with the outside world, brain-washed by the black eunuchs that her only purpose in life was to be selected to give pleasure to one man, and not allowed even to see any other men, then sooner or later she would find herself at least half in love with her Master - and, indeed, half longing for his embraces, her only permitted source of sexual pleasure. There would be no need to force his attentions on one of his newly entrapped Englishwomen, or to rape her. Nor, was it practicable to carry them off, protesting, to his harem as he might have done with an Arab girl. He was a scion of a junior branch of the ruling family of Shadek, a small, remote and isolated Arab Sheikdom. The fundamentalists Mullahs, however, would be bound to ask whether he was obeying their guidance and having his Western concubines doctored, either partially or, preferably, fully. Young Sheik Ali, himself, did not have strong views on the matter. Soon, he knew, even the most sophisticated woman would soon be desperately trying to catch her Master's eye! A chronology proffers significant dates related to the topic. Of course, he came from a tradition that scorned the Christian ideal of abiding love and friendship between one man and one woman.

Films sex slaves inspected and disciplined

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