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Are there personal social freedoms, including gender equality, choice of marriage partners, and size of family? Beginning in , under Hosni Mubarak , these laws were used to engage in a more sophisticated and systematic crackdown on gay or bisexual men, or indeed anyone deemed by the government to be supportive of LGBT rights. In April, the government cracked down on demonstrators protesting a deal to transfer the sovereignty of Egyptian islands to Saudi Arabia. Arbitrary travel bans increasingly affected academics and others seeking to visit or leave Egypt. As a result, state media and most surviving private outlets strongly support Sisi and the military. The government systematically persecutes opposition parties and political movements, disrupting their operations and constraining their ability to organize.

Free egypt sex

Abuses against Copts continued in , adding to numerous cases of forced displacement, physical assaults, bomb and arson attacks, and blocking of church construction in recent years. However, no independent international monitors were able to verify the results. Are religious institutions and communities free to practice their faith and express themselves in public and private? Violators face prison terms of up to five years. A growing list of rights activists, journalists, political party members, bloggers, and academics have been subjected to arbitrary travel bans in recent years, and the practice appeared to intensify during The law also prohibits all protests at places of worship and requires protest organizers to inform police at least three days in advance. It was during this time that the Human Rights Watch published a report on the laws used by the Egyptian government to criminalize homosexuality, the history of the laws, use of torture against gay and bisexual men by the police, and how such laws violate international human rights standards. Is the head of government or other chief national authority elected through free and fair elections? If an offender is a public servant or committed the violation for the purposes of terrorism, he or she could face the death penalty. Authorities declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organization in December , which allowed them to charge anyone participating in a pro-Morsi demonstration with terrorism and laid the foundation for the complete political isolation of the Islamist opposition. However, they had no organized internal support, pleaded innocent, and were tried under the state security courts. According to AFTE, at least individuals were questioned or detained nationwide surrounding the anniversary. In , the public performance of a play by Maher Sabry , which explored homophobia, was shut down by the government after a few performances. Dozens of people were beaten and arrested. Since the coup, the military has dominated the political system, with most power and patronage flowing from Sisi and his allies in the armed forces and security agencies. In September , in a concert of the rock group Mashrou' Leila whose singer is openly gay visitors waved the rainbow flag and several men were arrested and charged with debauchery. In March, authorities revived a crackdown on organizations it accused of accepting foreign funding in defiance of Egyptian law, imposing travel bans and asset freezes on several prominent NGO leaders. Beginning in , under Hosni Mubarak , these laws were used to engage in a more sophisticated and systematic crackdown on gay or bisexual men, or indeed anyone deemed by the government to be supportive of LGBT rights. Prison conditions are very poor; inmates are subject to torture, overcrowding, and a lack of sanitation and medical care. The law against prostitution also bans "debauchery", even if the act did not involve trafficking or prostitution. The Supreme Judicial Council, a supervisory body of senior judges, nominates most members of the judiciary. Is there open and free private discussion? The Coptic Church leadership has allied itself with Sisi since the coup, apparently to ensure the security of its constituents. Are there free and independent media and other forms of cultural expression? Private discussion has become more guarded in the face of vigilantism and increased state monitoring of social media for critical content. The elections featured low turnout, intimidation, and abuse of state resources.

Free egypt sex

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