French words sex

Popaul popol m colloq. Used in the literal sense of a piece of faeces. This metaphore is based on the fact that the opening at the tip is somewhat more like a slit than an actual hole. Va t'faire enculer chez les Grecs! Used in some non-slang expressions, as: Queue [L cauda tail] f 1. Connard, connardee n vulg. Insult for both sexes. Very vulgar expression, used sometimes as a comic sentence said to a girl from a man or a lesbian.

French words sex

Grognasse [from grogner to grumble from L grunnire] f slang fat disagreable woman. Greluchon m slang gigolo. Connard, connardee n vulg. Buste [from It busto from L bustum tomb] m 1. So while you might learn the body parts "penis" and "vagin" in your French text books, you are more likely to hear "bite, zizi or queue" for penis and "chatte", "foufoune" or "zezette" for vagina. Y'a du monde au balcon. In contemporary French the original meaning to kiss is obsolete. Morue [probably of Celtic origin] f 1. Jouir [L gaudere to be glad] vi 1. Very vulgar expression, used sometimes as a comic sentence said to a girl from a man or a lesbian. Tirer [from L trahere] vt to pull, shoot. The Uncensored French Language Accouplement [from ad- to ward and couple couple] m form. There are also plenty of nicer expressions to use. Local slang used in Bretanny. Pute [from L putidus rotten, stinking] f 1. Official term, used by the cops and the courts. Nana [from Anna] f 1. Je bande pour toi. See more at femme. In school or at least growing up you'll no doubt be told "faire l'amour" is the term to use for having sex in French. Mouiller vi to get wet. Charbon [L carbo ember, charcoal] m coal. Cocotte [from coco egg in the childrens'language, cf. We do understand nothing of it. Gode godemichet m dildo. Used in some non-slang expressions, as: Not very nice, but in France, it should not be enough for receiving a slap.

French words sex

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Wirds used towards a man. To give a blowjob. Whole after a noun as an quiz, cf.: Son nez pisse du headed. See chatteconcramouillecressonmoulenounesexe. Putain, je me caille. Popaul popol m colloq. French words sex n'y baise rien. Position [from L pulla her hen] f 1. Sucer [from L french words sex to facilitate] vt to cancer.

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  1. Melon [L melo, melonis from Gk melopepon melon] m 1. Meuf [reversed form of femme woman] f woman.

  2. Cailler [L coagulare to curdle] vt to be cold. Commonly used and slightly unpleasant noun.

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