Harry potter cast sex

They see nothing wrong with this and are quickly seduced as it is marketed towards them. The sexiest scene we ever saw in the movie was the vision of Harry and Hermione naked and kissing. Their wedding was celebrated with only witnesses from a local tavern, and this is all they needed to be ready to have their baby, Teddy. This is why we are going to be talking about what is wrong with the sex at Hogwarts. But we can still criticize that a boarding school where teenagers spend seven years of their lives should have taken the opportunity to give them a little sexual education.

Harry potter cast sex

Via Clevver In seven books by J. However, they cut the scene so we can imagine that they regretted this decision. While this is not portrayed as the best thing they can do, it is still seen as something that every teenage girl wishes she could do. The only explanation is that J. But Ron is the one who ended up being obsessed with her, and it almost killed him. Molly Weasley also admitted that she used to have fun with these potions when she was a teenager. In the movie, Ginny was just a girl who used to fantasize on Harry Potter until she had the chance to awkwardly kiss him at the Burrow and at Hogwarts. Hermione also talked to the boy who lived about how bad she felt when Ron and Lavender were dating and he also talked to his friends about his first kiss with Cho. In the store, we can see Hermione and Ginny looking at love potions. For example, boys are not allowed in girls dorms. But if a boy would have done the same thing, people would quickly think that this is a sexual assault. With no sexual education, it is hard to believe that all the teenage wizards behaved well and never tried to discover sex by themselves before marriage. Lily became pregnant two years after, at 20 years old, and gave birth to a beautiful baby who would become the boy who lived. Even though they were both older, getting married was really important to them. Don't tell me that teenage wizards are not interested in sex. This leads to our second point. Their wedding was celebrated with only witnesses from a local tavern, and this is all they needed to be ready to have their baby, Teddy. But once again, it was not portrayed as beautiful, but something that we should fear. He left her and her unborn baby when he found out. Once again, their relationship looked platonic before they tied the knot. However, gay couples must have been laughing at this one, as the new principal didn't simply ban public display of affection. The only thing we saw was McGonagall teaching kids how to dance with their date. One of the rules forbade boys and girls from being within six inches of each other. Women have to be good girls if we want the audience to like them and they are turned into nothing but a love interest that the hero wins at the end of the movie. Bellatrix had an illegitimate baby with Voldemort, as we can see in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks were also a great example. However, there is no sign of anyone asking if they are ready to have sex or if anyone ever did it.

Harry potter cast sex

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