How to perform gay anal sex

Many guys prefer spit — I do — but spit typically will not work for rough sex or extended play. Some guys take this to risky extremes and will stay blindfolded on a bed in a hotel room with the door unlocked for a day or two not recommended, since this can lead to bodily harm and loss of valuables and property. Generally speaking, stress is the byproduct of cumulative events or responsibilities. If you are able to carry a douche or enema with you, you might want to at least do a squirt after you take a hit. Silicone lube can also be used in the shower, since it will not wash off with water, meaning you can use it for douching and for shower sex. Some people call the prostate gland the male G-spot, which can amplify feelings of pleasure. Learning from My Mistakes Can I tell you a secret? All I need is a drawstring shoulder bag carrying my keys, wallet, cell phone, and a douching bulb for emergency visits to the nearest bathroom.

How to perform gay anal sex

This means you need to be part of the process and not play a passive role. Chances are good that you will need to do this more than once. How to wipe your butthole the right way After that not so easy to hear bit of advice, I began a radical quest for knowledge on how to properly first time bottom, including what to do for preparation. Do not rush it. At least for a while. Fantasize about the guy you want inside of you as you masturbate. You should never rush the cleaning process, especially if you are a beginner. So rather than cast blame, the wisest response is for me and every health care worker and conscientious gay man to urge guys who bareback to get tested as frequently as possible. The sigmoid colon is horizontal where it meets the rectum, which lies on a more vertical plane. You are not its boss. Have you tried topping? This means taking the time to properly clean yourself out. In my experience, there are two approaches to help you move past this challenge and on to major pleasure. He who penetrates other men but is himself not penetrated. My topping phase lasted through two brief college relationships before I accepted a truth that I had known all along: Or how about using a stroker if your receiving partner also has a penis? In time, your fear will fade away. So while a finger check might be convincing for some, I always fear there may be stuff further up. I am not sweepingly anti-drug, although I believe certain substances — heroin, meth — should be avoided. And not just any kind of bottom. Cleaning out is more than putting water up your butt. Make sure you use a good quality oil, and go for scents that are going to help you relax as well. Ride a Guy Participation Another helpful tip when sliding up and down a piece of man-candy is to get your guy involved. Once you are comfortable having anal sex, consider throwing some toys into the mix as well. I personally use this one and it has never let me down — not once.

How to perform gay anal sex

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First Time Bottom: Some Advice

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  1. Like your penis, your rectum is filled with super sensitive nerve endings. So what do I mean by preparation?

  2. These are tiny tears that may not bleed at all and will probably not cause any pain, but they are still gateways for HIV transmission.

  3. My vegetarian friends say that they hardly need to clean before sex — they simply use the bathroom and are good to go.

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