Sex change stem cells transplant

These cells also led to enhanced neurological functioning when utilized in a rat stroke model independent of administration site local vs. Clonogenic and proliferative capabilities were both observed when stromal and epithelial cells were cultured in vitro following isolation from menstrual blood or the endometrium. The next step would be to grow and transplant the entire reproductive structure, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, etc. For example, mesenchymal stem cells MSCs from two year old female Rhesus monkeys were evidenced to have greater neurogenic capacity than MSCs from male monkeys [ 52 ]. The impact of Sertoli cells on the viability of germ cells is of utmost importance in preventing an immune response and potential rejection [ 69 ], making the testes an immunoprivileged area [ 27 ]. Collagen scaffolding guides the shape into which the organs grow. Menstrual blood and Sertoli cells have both been determined to be transplantable and, when used for the treatment of neurological disorders, have the benefit of being delivered either directly into the brain or peripherally by means of intravenous or intra-arterial administration. Male cells preferentially differentiate into a neuronal or oligodendroglial fate, while cells from females have a propensity for an astrocytic lineage [ 53 ].

Sex change stem cells transplant

On the other hand, the ischemic response to neonatal stroke in female rats was effectively diminished by caspase inhibitors, which was an effect not observed in their male counterparts [ 43 ]. Both adult and embryonic stem cells appear to provide some degree of protective advantage from secondary cell death resulting from stroke [ 18 , 19 , 20 , 21 ]. Up to 75 years old, females have higher mortality rates from myocardial infarction and lower prevalence of stroke compared to males. Babies carried by male-assigned people are only the beginning. Published online Aug Tissue examination in the aforementioned studies found that human cells had moved to parts of the rat brain that had not been injected [ 24 ]. In one study, following transplantation of NSCs from young and old rats of both genders into rats of both sexes and age categories young and old , young rats were noted to have a poorer cell survival rate while also displaying improved neurogenesis. The male cells also appear to have an increased predisposition for hypoxia in vitro. Introduction Increased accessibility of stem cells has allowed for the advancement of a new arena in which to investigate many features of cell development including growth, proliferation, and differentiation. In addition, the cells stayed unchanged even following 20 culture passages and have the ability to undergo subculturing up to 47 times prior to senescence, indicating great potential for viability and longevity. And biomedical engineers are working to create implants of all kinds that better imitate the human body in order to construct realistic breasts, vaginal canals, vulvas, clitorises, penises, and testicles. One patient did receive a second dose of cells. The procedures so far have implanted uteruses from living and deceased donors into otherwise healthy recipients. The next step would be to grow and transplant the entire reproductive structure, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, etc. Although it must be noted that the phenotypic markers found on the epithelial cells quickly begin to diminish and the cells require a nutrient layer in order to stay alive [ 71 , 74 ]. None of what I wrote above is "science fiction". Interestingly, it appears that the reaction to ischemic insult within females does not include PARP and AIF at all, even though both seem to be just as active in females as in males [ 42 ]. Unfortunately, treatment for stroke has traditionally been very restricted as the only therapeutic option proven to result in improved clinical outcomes is tissue plasminogen activator tPA , which has notable limitations in its application due to its exceptionally short therapeutic administration window of 4. Uterine transplants involve an operation on at least one, sometimes two otherwise healthy people — many transplant surgeons believe they should only do such invasive procedures on someone who is sick, and for lifesaving purposes. Recent investigation of cells from human menstrual blood has suggested that these cells not only have a high rate of proliferation, but also exhibit embryonic cell indicators, contributing to their immature phenotype [ 72 ]. Gender theorists and some activists have also begun to argue that sex itself is socially constructed. Despite their apparently defensive role in male cells, PARP and nitric oxide synthase NOS inhibitors appear to be disadvantageous in females [ 41 ]. Transplantable Qualities of Endometrial Cells The existence of stem cells in the endometrium was initially explained over 35 years ago [ 70 ]. New technology could certainly bolster the surgical possibilities for trans people. The release of trophic factors and contribution to tissue remodeling are both known functions of Sertoli cells.

Sex change stem cells transplant

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  2. This review paper will distinguish both menstrual blood and Sertoli cells, present their respective strengths and modalities of brain repair and protection from injury secondary to stroke, and examine the potential use and practicality of both cell types within the realm of personalized medicine.

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