Sex expense damnable

HathiTrust full view http: The theme of the transience of sensual and other forms of gratification was contained in a letter sent to the 2nd Earl of Chesterfield in by the sister of his wife. He was born in and died in , but the earliest known attribution to him appeared in a novel by the notable author W. Verified on paper [Begin excerpt] My suggestion is that the passion of the body will finally become a passion of the mind. The 2nd Earl apparently had been carousing on the continent, and the letter accused him of "exceeding wildness" [C2LE]:

Sex expense damnable

A former New York chorus girl, recently married to a foreigner with a title, was questioned by one of her friends as to how she liked being a duchess, or whatever it was. Data from other nations have suggested similar relationships. The pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable. If someone has old editions of the "Quote … Unquote" newsletter containing evidence about this saying I would be interested in reading it. If the saying is misattributed to Chesterfield then it is possible that this background information made the misattribution more plausible to some. Verified on paper [Begin excerpt] Footnote 1: My Lord, these courses must needs undoe your person, fortune, and reputation; … you will loose your most considerable freinds, and at last make your life miserable, and, which is the saddest of all, ruin your own soule; for be confident that those momentary pleasures will have an end, and a sad one to, If you doe not speedily consider your condition, and hartily repent of it. This similarity might be a coincidence. Shaw unmistakably invokes the joke, but he does not attribute it to Chesterfield. Indeed, the humor in the following passage seems rather weak without the tacit background knowledge that supplies context for the comments of the "chorus girl". The query was initially published in the first edition of the newsletter in Although these data cannot be used to determine that pornography has a cathartic effect on rape behavior, combined with the weak evidence in support of negative causal hypotheses from the scientific literature, it is concluded that it is time to discard the hypothesis that pornography contributes to increased sexual assault behavior. Of course the sexual function has always seemed to have something humorous about it, and though this humor may be often coarse and vulgar it yet occasions much amusement to both men and women. Alternatively, Belloc may have been playfully alluding to the quip to heighten the humor of his commentary. I do not know what he means by 'the Aberdonian'. The phrases Belloc used in his description overlapped with the phrases in the joke. There is another confusing citation that is connected to the date Verified on paper [Begin excerpt] And nothing seems to give greater satisfaction than a recounting of sexual irregularities. He credits "the Aberdonian", i. Verified on paper [Begin excerpt] My suggestion is that the passion of the body will finally become a passion of the mind. The Yale Book of Quotations contains this important citation. Circa , The Hermit Place: Internet Archive at archive. He was born in and died in , but the earliest known attribution to him appeared in a novel by the notable author W. But the mention of "the Aberdonian" confused Ervine, and he added a footnote in which he stated his opinion that Chesterfield was responsible for the jest. Already there is a pleasure in thought - creative thought - that is entirely detached from ridiculous and disgusting acts and postures.

Sex expense damnable

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