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For fancy saris, these patterns could be woven with gold or silver thread , which is called zari work. Sari outside the Indian subcontinent[ edit ] Aishwarya in a sari at the London premiere of her film Raavan. Cheap modern versions of zardozi use synthetic metallic thread and imitation stones , such as fake pearls and Swarovski crystals. The long end of the pallu hanging from the back of the shoulder is often intricately decorated. The Begum of Savanur remembers how sumptuous the chiffon sari became at their gatherings. They are printed by machine, or woven in simple patterns made with floats across the back of the sari. Fashion designer Aaditya Sharma declared, "I can drape a sari in 54 different styles". Sometimes threads of different colours were woven into the base fabric in patterns; an ornamented border, an elaborate pallu, and often, small repeated accents in the cloth itself.

Sexy indian girl in sari

These accents are called buttis or bhuttis spellings vary. Pakistan[ edit ] In Pakistan, the sarees are still popular and worn on special occasions. It is draped diagonally in front of the torso. She was widowed early in life and followed the convention of abandoning her richly woven Baroda shalus in favour of the unadorned mourning white as per tradition. Cheap modern versions of zardozi use synthetic metallic thread and imitation stones , such as fake pearls and Swarovski crystals. But that's because she's inherited the best collection of saris from her mother-in-law. The shari is worn by women throughout Bangladesh. During the s, the mini sari known as 'hipster' sari created a wrinkle in Sri Lankan fashion, since it was worn below the navel and barely above the line of prosecution for indecent exposure. Sari is the most popular dress for women in Bangladesh , both for casual and formal occasion. In modern times, saris are increasingly woven on mechanical looms and made of artificial fibres, such as polyester , nylon, or rayon , which do not require starching or ironing. In most of the courts the sari was embellished with stitching hand-woven borders in gold from Varanasi , delicate zardozi work, gota , makaish and tilla work that embellished the plain fabric, simultaneously satisfying both traditional demands and ingrained love for ornamentation. The traditional Kandyan osaria style consists of a full blouse which covers the midriff completely and is partially tucked in at the front. This end is called the pallu; it is the part thrown over the shoulder in the nivi style of draping. More expensive saris had elaborate geometric, floral, or figurative ornaments or brocades created on the loom , as part of the fabric. It homogenised fashion across this land. The pallu may be hanging freely, tucked in at the waist, used to cover the head, or used to cover the neck, by draping it across the right shoulder as well. Simple hand-woven villagers' saris are often decorated with checks or stripes woven into the cloth. The Shalwar kameez , however, is worn throughout the country on a daily basis. Its softness, lightness and beautiful, elegant, caressing drape was ideally suited to the Indian climate. Vaddanam or Kamarband is type of sari belt used to keep complex drapes in place. Sometimes the saris were further decorated, after weaving, with various sorts of embroidery. The poor wore coarsely woven cotton saris. The Kandyan style is considered the national dress of Sinhalese women. There are many regional variations of them in both silk and cotton. He also said that men appeared intrigued by the fragility and the femininity it confers on the wearer.

Sexy indian girl in sari

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