Teen sex blogpot

You reach up and grasp my breast, pinching my hard nipple sending an flare of desire through me. I moan slightly and climb over you, kneeling and straddling your shoulders. Our mouths meet again, the passionate hunger takes over. Your tongue swirls over and over me. Sex wraps up the basic human emotions and presents them in an atmosphere in which it's ok to show. You slowly stroke your full length out before plunging back inside me again and again. I reach back between my thighs and slide my fingers over my clit and begin to rub.

Teen sex blogpot

However, nothing gets me wetter than the sounds and sights of my partner feeling pleasure. I love sex and everything about it, but here is what it comes down to for me. The intensity is becoming too much. I don't care about any of those things. I can feel it quickly building in me, spreading out from my core. Prutha September 2, at 3: I love touching you. I am to a degree. Call me a slut. Your fingers grip my hips tighter, pulling me back in to you harder and harder. You slowly lick me, tasting my desire for you, trailing around my sex until you settle on my clit. Call me a slut because you like the dirty girl in me, and I'll show you just how dirty I can be. I let out a sigh and meet your lips again. I tease a little more, taking in the feeling of your body against my hands and lips. I like giving pleasure more than I like receiving. It's dirty and messy. I have a relationship with the person, whether it's a friend with benefits or a long term partner, I have a connection. Gentles caresses on my legs as we watch tv and the way your hand finds mine when we talk. Your skin feels so good under my fingers. Of those qualities, I like the raw, dirty, messy part best. The need to purely feel you is so strong. She's like a flame not far to be an anagram of female dancing in the middle of embers male members. Go ahead, it's ok. You can feel me clench around you, pulsing around you. BarbeeAnne January 14, at 9: I start to tremble and whisper your name again and again. It's also intimate and tender.

Teen sex blogpot

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  1. Sweat, bodily fluids, messed up hair, raw lips, flushed skin… just thinking about it turns me on. I rub hard as you pound into me and feel myself gripping your cock hard.

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