Why favor premarital sex

I have already asked in my last argument what reasoning exists for this belief, I can only assume none exists. A more realistic approach to sexuality allows for trusting, affectionate and even loving sexual relationships without having to deem any partners "the one". Talking about the value of marriage now can help your son or daughter make good choices that will impact their future. Alternatives to normal sexual intercourse may satisfy physically, but not emotionally. Lucy and Ricky in I Love Lucy. We should also remember that when we resist the temptation to engage in premarital sex or other sexual immorality, we are storing up favor with God, as we see in James 1:

Why favor premarital sex

In the Bible, premarital sex is lumped in with other "fornication" or "sexual immorality. Family First of all, let's be clear on one important point. A focus on abstinence encourages lying and marriage for sex. Life after all doesn't need sex and the Planet itself has already 7 Billion People who competes in the Same resources and consume them and releasing much pollution and chemicals to support the industries and trees are cut to produce many things and you are adding now and not knowing the consequences it produce. But to a number of young people, sex is still private, sacred, and something only married people do. This includes the US. Human sexuality is unique in that it includes, but transcends, physical reproductive elements. According to Kristen Mark, Ph. In addition to breaking our fellowship with God, there are plenty of common-sense reasons to avoid premarital sex. Why would you hurt someone you love and deny them health benefits and happiness? This includes higher death rates among men, increased aggression and cruelty generally, and dyspareunia in women. A more realistic approach to sexuality allows for trusting, affectionate and even loving sexual relationships without having to deem any partners "the one". Sex like hunger is a natural born instinct and should be treated like it is, not regulated by religious beliefs that niether God or Jesus dictatored. Sex provides health benefits. It becomes more valuable as time passes because it is one of a kind-- unique. And someone who has practiced abstinence enters marriage with NO idea what intimacy is, let alone real intimacy. In one generation slavery may be right and abortion wrong, as in early nineteenth-century America; but in another generation, abortion is in and slavery is out, as today. If they are afraid of the other partner running off because of a pregnancy or giving them a disease, that is a relationship problem that marriage will not fix. Similarly, you cannot have a good taste for or a good appreciation of something which you have never experienced. Please keep this in mind. Report this Argument Con I am going to start out with the same three points on made in my previous debate and let you do a better job of arguing pro's side. Marriage can be a positive part of your child's life. Indeed it is perfectly easy for one's virginity to be lied about to appeal to someone who views abstinence as a moral good. Health reasons The government and private advocacy groups have promoted and launched campaigns to save sex for marriage to help lessen the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art, when people are sexually satisfied, they have more neural activity , the same pattern seen when people are sated with food. Not only is this bad for the person who may not be able to experience what they really want out of their sex life, but it can result in them being unaware of how other human beings are.

Why favor premarital sex

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The truth about sex before marriage.

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  1. In fact, marriage night consists of intense pressure to have sex, from the new spouse and the entire family. This harms their partner's self-esteem and destroys intimacy.

  2. Chastity is the new cool Despite the chance of being persecuted for their sexual beliefs, more and more celebrities are using their influence as a platform for their chaste beliefs.

  3. We should remember that God gave us all sorts of appetites, but our sinful nature makes it possible for us to turn even the best of appetites into gluttony.

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